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Feb  09

6 heart healthy foods

Heart disease remains the number one killer in Malaysia. The Healthy Facts 2016 by Ministry of Health (MoH) shows that heart disease is still the main cause of death in both MoH Hospitals and private hospitals, with figures recorded at 22.77% and 27.70% respectively. Scary! Healthier heart begins with us as this disease is closely related to our lifestyle. Its good to take baby steps then...

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Feb  06

Health benefit and the best CoQ10 Supplement

Does CoQ10 sounds something like what we learn in our biology class in form 5?  Actually its an enzyme that exist in every cells in our body.  Even we hardly heard about compare to vitamin like Vitamin C, actually CoQ10 has great benefit to those who always feels tired, fatigue and sleepy.  Heart beat that seems to be normal, CoQ10 is crucial as the heart has lesser energy to pump blood...

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Feb  05

The super power of CoQ-Trol Plus that you need to know

After 2 years CoQ was not available in Malaysia, it now make a come back as CoQ-Trol Plus with new formula. Combination of ingredient of 100mg of Coenzyme Q10, Resveratrol and Tokofenol for positive effect. 5 fact that we need to know about CoQ-Trol Plus 1. Higher concentration of 100mg CoQ10 2. Combination of 2mg Resveratrol for inflamation 3. Combination of 3mg Tokofenol as an antioxidant...

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