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How to choose the best soy for health

There are alot of soy based product available in the market but what makes Shaklee ESP, soy based protein the best and you would never regret drinking it is because:ESP is the only scientific product that contains all important amino acids needed by the body especially those 9 essential ones which our body could not […]

An Alternative To Gain Daily Required Protein Without Meat

Imagine a FOOD that can # Increase your energy within minutes # Help prevent top cancer killers in men and women (breast, prostate, colon and lungs) # Help balance hormone levels and reduce menopausal symptoms # Reduce the risk of osteoporosis # Reduce the risk of heart disease # Support healthy breast tissue # Help […]

What do you gain from a low heat and water processed soy?

Benefits from a low heat and water processed ESP Genistein in soy beans shown to help prevent growth of cancer by depriving cancer cells and prevent the cancer cell to spread. The soy isoflavones, Genistein and Daidzen are powerful antioxidants that help to protect cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The antioxidants will […]

What you should know about soy protein drink

What is ESP? Energizing soy protein is a highest quality plant-based protein.  The first ESP was created by Dr. Forrest C Shaklee in year 1961, and it was the first soy isolate ever created.  Over the years, clinical test have proven that soy protein is a key building block to maintain good health. It can be […]

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