Tag: Pregnancy Diet And Nutrition

Eating healthy during pregnancy for baby growth and maternal health

The moment you know another being is growing inside your body, your maternal instincts are awakened. You want to love and protect your child. You want the best for her from day 1, so that he can have a good start in life, growing up and develop her potential to the fullest. The first step […]

8 stressless treatment to ease a swollen ankles during pregnancy

Expecting mother may observe mild swelling in the ankles and feet during pregnancy called ‘oedema’ and it may range from merely annoying to being painful. Usually it occur during the third trimester. The body accumulates 50% more blood and fluid during pregnancy to meet the needs of the developing baby. It also may be caused […]

Food and beverages to avoid during pregnancy

When you found that you are pregnant, surely you would be doing everything that is in the best interest for your baby. What you eat and drink is also influences your child health as some may have adverse effect during pregnancy. Here are some items you should eliminate from your plate and its not forever, […]

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