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Sep  09

8 consequences of Soy Protein to pregnant women

Giving birth to a perfect health baby is a part of pregnant woman daily prayer. Baby born healthy is important and at the same time most mother would be delight if baby’s skin are healthy and soft. I ever met a new mother with a rosy, fair and delicate baby skin and i asked her what she took during pregnancy. She say she drink soy daily. Its was not a surprise since its very common that...

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Sep  02

Nutrition Effectiveness on Chicken pox Scar

Chicken pox, a highly contagious disease common in early childhood but it may appear in adult too. It have more complications in adult and pregnant women compare to during childhood. Mine appear right just after SPM and it leaves bad scar, deep ones. Chicken pox rash appear in form of red spots then develop into clear fluid-filled blisters. After a day or two, blisters become cloudy and burst....

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Jun  24

5 Tips to stay healthy, hydrated and energized during fasting

  Prayer and fasting often go hand in hand but you can pray without fasting, and fast without prayer too. Just that when these two activities are combined and dedicated to God’s glory that they reach their full effectiveness. Yet, dedicating time of prayer and fasting is not a way of manipulating God into doing what you desire. It is an act to allow you to focus our thoughts on God...

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Oct  01

Fight hair loss to prevent premature baldness

Everyone loses hair but do you experiencing hair loss more than normal? And seeing yourself going bald during your heydays would be a nightmare. There is nothing more distressing than seeing your lovely locks fall out.  How about you,  if you appreciate about the healthy of the hair as your crowing glory, take action before you go bald.  Wonder how would that be possible? Hair structure are...

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Sep  29

7 Simple remedies to remove blackheads

Blackhead are tiny bumps, dark spots that appear on the surface of your skin and its a common problem attacking those with oily skin. It get worst if you fail to clean it properly. They are formed from excess oil by sebaceous glands in your skin, plus dead skins buildup that clog the hair follicles and form a plug, making it a suitable breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Blackheads can be...

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Sep  21

Is Soy milk during pregnancy safe to consume?

The old wives tales that you usually will hear about soy during pregnancy : If you eat lots of tofu, your baby will have a good complexion; skin will be very smooth and fairer. Soy contains isoflavone Its some how true as soy contains isoflavone that is responsible to : # brighten the skin # boost collagen production # improve skin tone # prevent melanin pigments from affecting the color of the...

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Sep  18

Slow down aging by stimulating collagen in your skin to get rid of wrinkles and reduce fine lines

Sagging and thinning of the skin are the two well known causes of aging. Skin aging is a fact of life, although we could not prevent skin from aging but we can slow it down. Why is Threonine important for a healthy skin? Skin are made from protein and they renew themselves every month just like other cell in the body. Collagen in the skin, is a protein made of amino acids. Threonine, One of the...

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Sep  12

Low glycemic Index diet proven to reduce risk of health complications

What is Glycemic Index (GI)? As when a person consume foods and drinks containing carbohydrates, the GI represent the total rise in a person’s blood sugar or glucose level. The digestive system breaks down these carbohydrates from food and drinks into simple sugars, known as glucose. This simple sugar is then carried to each cell through the bloodstream. The pancreas secretes a hormone...

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Sep  07

9 warning signs you are not getting enough protein from your diet

Whenever our body is not getting the nutrition it needs to function well, it will gives you signals indicating that something is wrong. Severely crash diet, lack of knowledge about nutrients and poverty can contribute to protein malnutrition. Here are some of the most common symptoms You constant carving Carving for non-nuritional foods such as carbs, sweet, caffeine, chocolate or chips does...

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