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May  04

3 Amazing Health Benefits of Muscadine Grape – Nature’s Rarest Grape

Among 8,000 types of grapes in the world, Muscadine grape is one the biggest and rarest grapes available. Big, bold and packed with antioxidants, it caught the attention of scientists at Shaklee who made it available for all in the form of a healthy, highly concentrated beverage. 3 Amazing Health Benefits of Muscadine Grape 1.Thicker Skin and Seed = Poweful...

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Feb  21

anti-aging and healthy skin right when you need it

Is it possible when you supplement your diet, even your open pores tend to shrink? Of course the answer is YES, imagine within 30 days of consistent intake of Shaklee Vivix and Collagen powder, you gain amazing positive result : ~ open pore treated and pore size reduced ~ gain glowing and flawless skin ~ you feel healthier Vivix is a botanical drink, made from ingredient that are rich in...

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Jan  18

Vivix, The Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking?

Vivix is not a medication but its a supplement but Shaklee Vivix was proven many times to help chronic smokers to stop their addiction. How does Vivix do it? Other method they are using ‘Nicotine Replacement’ that is by applying nicotine patch, using nicotine lozenges, or any other form of nicotine therapy.  Hoping that by reducing the amount of nicotine going into your body, you...

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Jan  17

Secret ingredient in Vivix that you should know

Vivix is a special product Shaklee can offer you.  It has help a lot of people who are in needs to improve their health.  What makes Vivix so special that they been so many testimonial about it?  Lets have a look at what are the ingredient in Vivix that make it so powerful. There are 4 main ingredient. Muscadine Grape A unique and largest grape that have 1 extra chromosome compare to normal...

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Jan  13

Foundation for a longer, healthier life

  Our heart is made of cells, our lungs are made of cells, our skin are made of cells, our brain is made of cells, our bones are made of cells. Whatever it is about us, is made of cells. That makes our overall state of health is representation of how healthy or unhealthy our individual cells are. Healthy cells means we have a healthy body. Unhealthy dysfunctional cells means the body has...

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Aug  10

Natural Alternative To Ease Joint Pain

Joint pain can be discomfort, pain or inflammation arising from any part of a joint that can limits, even control the quality of your life. Self-care at home would be a rest to minimize movement, cold application, and medication to control pain and inflammation.  But are you dissatisfied with he effectiveness of your current treatment? Shaklee has created natural products that effectively...

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Mar  23

Effective cholesterol lowering with Plant sterols and stanols

Elevated cholesterol is a key risk factor for heart disease. Lifestyle changes are often effective at improving cholesterol levels by: # improving diet # losing weight # increasing exercise Various supplement ingredients may be helpful as well by: # lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad cholesterol”) # raising high-density lipoprotein (HDL or “good cholesterol”) #...

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Mar  17

Understand your cholesterol result to prevent health risk

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that comes from 2 sources: 1. Made naturally in the body by the liver # liver produce more cholesterol when you eat a diet high in saturate and trans fats # As when cell were damaged, they require cholesterol and fats to repair themselves # Whenever we are stress, liver will release cholesterol as it will be sent to the adrenal glands for stress hormone...

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