Why i m still with Shaklee? Vita-lea for Children Vitamin E
Dec  29

Make Him your first priority daily

“Seek first”…  make time for God at the start of the day NOT the leftover time Make Him a DAILY routine Make Him the FIRST thing once you got up in the morning Make Him your FIRST priority and WATCH what He will do on your behalf when you seek Him first, seek Him...

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Dec  25

What Christmas is all about


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Dec  15

Stewardship in parenting


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Dec  11

7 reason Shaklee, an ultimate choice

There are a lot of supplement available in the market but the label do not accurately reflect its content.  Over the past 2 years i have  been using Shaklee supplement and i seldom fall sick and that really has a big impact on my medical expenses.  Being in the industry since 1915, Shaklee has done a lot of research on the product and produces makes me confident in using it. 1. Proven...

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Dec  10

Live a life you have imagined

If you are a full-time-working mom who would like to earn additional income to top up with the basic income or dream of a transition from being full time at the workplace to a business that allows you to spend more time with your family then we are sharing the same route.   I have been working as a full time employer for more than 10 years with that salary as my sole income.  It takes some...

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Dec  09

The love of my life

I love the concept of ‘Grace-based parenting’ as it is about we as a parent learn to see our life and our children life through God’s limitless tenderness.  Its about how to raise our children the way God raises us.  Its also about raising children according to the model and guidance provided by God.  As a parent we are to guide and teach our children towards the pathway God...

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Dec  08

The joy of christmas

Its the time of the year, December is here again brings with it a glorious season of the year as we are going to celebrate Christmas.   On the 6th December was a special day in Miri as it hosted a remarkable event that most people are looking forward to each end of the year.  The Christmas Parade, which is held every December at Miri City Fan and this year was the 7th Parade with the theme...

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Dec  05

Healing crisis symptoms

It is common for individuals to suffer from detoxification reactions when they begin a program of natural healing.  This is classically referred to as healing crisis and occurs when the body is expelling toxins into the different system of the body.  That is the definition of healing crisis  according to NaturalNews.     Energy may decrease along the way of the expelling toxin waste...

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Dec  04

Indulge in Herb-Lax for trimmer tummy

Banishing belly fat is crucial when you start feeling dreaded about the way your bulging stomach looks in the mirror and got depress when your favorite cloth does not fit in anymore and to find a new dress is a nightmare, they doesn’t look good on you anymore.  Then you got stressed out by the bloated stomach and the broad waistline. Do you suffer from constipation or feel sluggish and...

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Dec  03

Color code in diagnostic a health status

Urine is not a common topic to be discussed and we barely noticed and glance at it as it swirl down the toilet bowl.  Yet changes in urine including its color, odor, consistency actually provide important information about your food or drink intake or the diseases that you might be having. For hundreds of years urine and urinalysis has been one of the useful tools physician use to diagnose...

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