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Dec  03

Color code in diagnostic a health status

Urine is not a common topic to be discussed and we barely noticed and glance at it as it swirl down the toilet bowl.  Yet changes in urine including its color, odor, consistency actually provide important information about your food or drink intake or the diseases that you might be having. For hundreds of years urine and urinalysis has been one of the useful tools physician use to diagnose...

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Dec  02

GLA complex exclusive for you skin

Your skin doesn’t lie… read your face like a book… Countless woman and girls wear makeup daily for some reason, either to impress guys or other girls or to feel good and boost up their confident or some does it simply to seek attention and approval of the male counterparts.  Some over do it with dramatic shadow, high blushed cheekbones and red glossy lips yet some goes for...

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Dec  01

Dangers of soy to our health

Controversies of the danger of soy to our health which are linked to cancer and other serious disease has been on going.  Tofu, edamame, soya milk, miso, tempeh and soy powder are just a few of many soy-rich food source. Are we to avoid it or should we enjoy soy?  Lets review some of the issue on soy. Soy will give me breast cancer Soybeans found to have the most concentrated Isoflavones, a...

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Nov  28

Vital nutritional contributor to children

I believe you have ever heard the benefit of Omega 3 for our health. But do you know if you are getting enough omega 3 from your daily diet? Omega 3 has been a most important ingredients in medical field. Its capability for the benefit of all stages from babies in the womb to golden ages stages. Basically Omega 3 helps build strong, able to reduce risk of heart attack and capable to reduce...

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Nov  25

In everything give thanks

I have a picky eater child… i have a hard time to feed him, the spoon is not even reaches his mouth he already push my hand away… No matter how hard situations was, I knew I could give thanks “in” the moment, “in” the caring, “in” the time spending to improve the menu, even if I weren’t thankful for the picky eater attitude. Ephesians 5:18: “In everything give thanks;...

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Nov  21

Critical liver diseases hunting addictive alcoholic

One day i feel dizzy and nauseous and i ended up in the bathroom thinking i had eaten something bad for lunch, i then threw up and it was full of blood!  It was like a bad dream or a terrible horror movie! then i threw up another stomach full of blood.  This is Valerie’s story, she was an alcoholic and diagnosed with liver failure and was dying.  Her liver is 10% operating, the rest is...

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Nov  19

Coping with Infertility

Women who can conceive easily would be very hard for them to understand the plight of other woman who is involuntarily childless. It adding stress to the woman when the husband react negatively toward it as it might make him believe he is not a complete man since his masculinity is involved. And not forgetting people around  wanted to know which of the couple is to be blame.  Some couple might...

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Nov  18

Why i am so grateful

God’s love for us is beyond measure and His goodness towards us are beyond our thinking.  I am so grateful for the blessing that He has showered my life with. I am so glad that after a difficult and long waits, i am now able to play, kiss and love a son whom we have prayed for.  We nearly gave up but God has not forsaken us and He knows our limits.  And God continues to bless him with...

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Nov  18

Danger of Knee Pain

If you have knee pain, it could be a sign that some structure of the knee is hurt, rapture, torn, overused or diseased which can lead to difficulty to walk. Apart from that, medical conditions including arthritis, gout and infections also can cause knee pain. Knee joint is a complex joint with many components making it vulnerable to injuries. Its made up of bones, cartilage, ligaments and fluid...

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Nov  17

Special Carrot Cake

I have tried a few carrot cake recipe with different filling in it beside the main carrot ingredient.  Some are moist and some are tasty.  But this one i love the most, its simple yet delicious loaded with carrots and walnuts.  The smell of cinnamon out of the oven is super tempting and i just love the smell of it.  I use to leave the topping, not necessary for me as i prefer it to be less...

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