How to lose weight and make it stay lost forever

If you are trying to lose wight or even want something easy to prepare, nutrition shake is a very effective and healthier options.

Here’s a promising supplements and the science behind them that works magic for you.

Fast fact What makes Cinch Shakes unique as meal replacement?

1. Contains nutrition complete with carbohydrates, calories, protein, fiber, fats, vitamin and minerals the body needs
2. It keep you full for several hours since its low glycemic index that aids in retain normal blood sugar levels and sustain energy
3. Powered by Leucin, an amino acid specially formulated to ensure you don’t lose your muscles.
4. Contains 20g protein to keep you feeling full
5. High in fiber – 6gm perserving
6. Delivers 35% or more of the daily value of 21 essential vitamins and minerals
7. Non-GMO soy
8. No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners

Benefits gain from Cinch Shake:

1. Promotes lasting feelings full while lose weight an inches
2. Reduces carvings with protein
4. Supports lean muscle mass with Leucine
5. Prevent muscle breakdown that prevent your metabolism from dropping
6. Aids in achieving healthy lifestyle changes

Why Leucin is important :

1. It keep muscle during the weight loss
2. It burn fat that you dont need
3. You can lose inches that you dont want

Why could be wrong with yo-yo diet ?

Most diets, you tend to lose fat and muscle and the problem with that is when you lose muscle, you lose your ability to burn fat resulting to drop in metabolism.

Whenever you stop dieting, you cant burn calories like you did before and that is why you gain weight faster or even with few extra pounds more. This dieting and cycle of feasting and then fasting are called the yo-yo diet effect.



We need calories and fats for metabolism and hormone function. Deficiency of these will affect our cells especially the muscles resulting to weight gain once we have stop the weigh loss program

Apart from that, many nutrients including vitamin A, D, E and K are fat-soluble which requires fats in order for the body to absorb them. Deficiency of these cause dry skin, blindness, brittle bones, muscle pains and abnormal blood clotting.

Cinch Shake comes in few flavor that you could :

# Cinch Shake Mix Vanilla
# Cinch Shake Mix Chocolate
# Cinch Shake Mix Cafe Latte

They are great-tasting like a dessert but with the benefit of a complete meal. Try a Cinch Shake for lose inches the natural, lasting way.


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